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Independent Toy Awards Reactions

"We are delighted to have won our awards. We have seen a marked increase in interest in these two items from retailers since our wins were announced."
Alice Lazarus, Europe Marketing Manager, KidKraft

Independent Toy Award entrants know that their win will be publicised to both trade and consumers with gusto. In addition, many winners capitalise on their win in some pretty novel ways - and we've included a handful of our favourites below.

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Entering the Independent Toy Awards is far from a vanity project. Medal logos provide winners with an instantly-recognisable visual reminder of their win. It's the perfect way to show will-be-consumers that the product has been given the thumbs up by independent toy retailers.

The publicity given to the awards by the trade press continues to grow...

The Independent Toy Awards become the top read story on ToyNews

KidKraft reported a spike in sales as a direct result of displaying their winning medals alongside product promotions on Facebook...

Kidkraft's award winning advert

Marvin's Magic made a great use of their medal and trophy in this trade advert.

Marvin's Magic advert

My Friend Freddy Bear was quite rightly proud of his win...

My Friend Freddy Bear proudly displays his winning medal

Here's how Parragon celebrated their win...

Parragon proudly display their logo on their website.

Sambro made their gold medal win a top news item. They also ran a hugely successful Facebook competition for consumers to win their award-winning toy. The post had a reach of 16.6k people and was shared 659 times.

Sambro celebrate their gold medal.

Bigjigs took over much of their homepage to shout about their two 2015 medal wins...

Bigjigs take over their homepage with news of their award wins

We particularly like the use of DKL's winning logo in this blog piece...

A lovely use of the gold medal on DKL's blog.

Less than an hour after the winners were announced, the trade press was hot on the story with impeccable coverage.

ToyNews's coverage of the 2015 awards

TnP coverage of the awards

As well as publishing the main announcement, Toys 'n' Playthings also ran with many of the winners' press releases, including this one for Marbel...

A winning year for Hape

Science4you made great use of their silver medal on product packaging...

Sweet Factory Packaging

Previous uses

VTech's use of their gold medal on Amazon is a great way to show that their product is an award winner.

VTech use their gold medal on the winning product's Amazon page

We loved seeing Alice Taylor, founder of one of the country's most exciting start-ups, Makielab, using her winning medal in this keynote speech.

Makielab using their winners logo in a keynote speech

The 2014 "App" category entrant, NPW, celebrated their gold win in a suitably fitting way. Using nothing other than their winning product, NPW created this short film showing the playful plasticine characters celebrating the arrival of their prestigious award trophy.

Local newspapers and specialist publications never fail to pick up on the sucess of individual companies. In 2014 this included a write-up about Accentuate in the Liverpool Echo, a feature in a Sri Lanka news portal and an article on Makielab's win in a 3D printing publication.

Liverpool Echo reports on the Independent Toy Award winners, Accentuate

Gifts Today reports on Imajo's win

More local media coverage of the Independent Toy Awards

Sri Lanka's Daily News

3D Printing magazine reports on Makielab's win

Wander around Toy Fair, Spring Fair, Spielwarenmesse or showrooms around the country, and you will see companies 'wearing' their Independent Toy Award medals with pride. We particularly like Leapfrog's use of the logo on their 2013 Toy Fair stand.

Independent Toy Award medal being used on Leapfrog's Toy Fair trade show stand

DKL's trade show stand

Accentuate's trade show stand

We always aim to generate a few hundred Tweets but never expected to generate a few thousand in 2014! It was great to see how vocal consumers were, whilst we were also bowled over by the excellent trade response. Some of our favourite Tweets came from these lovely people.

Some of best award Tweets came from these companies

Almost all winners naturally shout about their win to their friends and followers. Here's some of the best ones from 2014.

Makie dolls playing with their winners' trophy

GB Toys Blog

Sambro Blog

Jumbo Games Blog

Hy-Pro Blog

Magna-Tiles report on their Commended medal win

Vivid reports on their gold medal win for Crayola

NPW promotes their gold medal win

Champion of the independent retail trade, Gifts and Greetings Review picked up on Carte Blanche's 2014 Moshlings win.

Gifts and Greetings Review of Carte Blanche's Moshling win

Winners use their winning medal in brochures and print adverts, like this one from Hy-Pro.

Advert from Zinc including their winning medal