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Meowsic Musical Keyboard

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As part of John Crane Ltd’s incredible B brand range of toys, Meowsic musical keyboard is moulded to look like a big Cheshire cat complete with a giant grin! The 28 keys represent his teeth and one of his paws holds a sing-a-long microphone.

Meowsic Musical Keyboard

Twenty pre-recorded songs are included and kids can make up their own tunes to record as many times as they like. Buttons are provided to change the volume as well as knobs to alter tempos like rock, blues, samba, techno and disco. Kids also love the seven witty kitty tunes that they can sing along with.

Other buttons can turn Meowsic’s piano style keys into bell, organ, banjo or even meow sounds.  The unique packaging is made from recycled materials and can be reversed to use as gift wrap! Four AA batteries are included in the pack.

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