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Wrebbit 3D Sydney Opera House

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As one of the Wrebbit 3D ‘Classics’ range, this puzzle of Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House has to be one of the most impressive ever made. Comprising 925 pieces it’s also one of the largest models the company has ever made measuring 56.5 x 43.75 x 22.25 cm.

Wrebbit 3D Sydney Opera House

Created in 1991, The Wrebbit company has redefined the shape and style of jigsaw puzzles forever. Printed on lightweight foam, all of the 3D puzzle pieces are designed to perfectly fit with one another whilst providing a scale model that can take pride of place in any home.

Other famous buildings in the Wrebbit Classics range include Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Neuschwanstein Castle and the Empire State Building.

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