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Toys for Children age 9 Years

Many 9 year old children have individuals styles and preferences, and this can make choosing appropriate toys a little harder than perhaps it was at younger ages. Parents or close friends of the child will certainly have a much better grasp of the child’s favourite toys or TV shows of the moment. This is the best first step when trying to decide on a toy to buy a child of this age.

Toy ideas for 9 year olds

If you’re unable to get this kind of insider knowledge however, you could do far worse than choosing a radio-controlled toy for a boy and a fashion kit for a girl. There are also some great eductional products available for children aged 9 years old too. Parents could try checking out brands like National Geographic, John Crane and LeapFrog for some additional inspiration.

My Keepon
My Keepon by WOW! Stuff

My Keepon is a loveable, bright yellow robot that interacts, shakes and dances!

Furby Furblings
Furby Furblings by Hasbro

Owners need to tap on the heads to hear a choice of Furbish phrases and noises.

Tailball by Mookie

Tailball is endorsed by Judy Murray who says “It’s a genius invention".

Wet Head
Wet Head by Trends UK

A wrong trivia answer and your opponent pulls out one of the rods, guessed it, a wet head!

Party Bananagrams
Party Bananagrams by Bananagrams

The players still race to complete a word grid but with several twists and turns on the way.

Spirograph by Goldfish & Bison

The Optical 3D Artist Set is the most exciting development since Spirograph was invented.

DohVinci Spotlight Spin Studio
DohVinci Spotlight Spin Studio by Play-Doh

This set lets children create the most amazing Play-Doh projects in flat or 3D styles.

The Trash Pack Trashies
The Trash Pack Trashies by Flair

Each collectable Trashie represents a morphed version of a piece of everyday rubbish.

Robo Turtle
Robo Turtle by Tobar

Brilliant colours and high class swimming action make these toys instantly collectable.

Katamino Pocket
Katamino Pocket by Coiledspring Games

A brilliant way for children to learn geometry as well as develop their powers of observation.