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Magic Tricks

Magic is really a performing art that creates illusions of seemingly impossible feats. These feats are known as magic tricks. The people who perform them are normally known as magicians, although types of magic and tricks can be performed by conjurors, ventriloquists, mentalists and many other titles.

There are also many other forms such as vanishing, where an object disappears, transformation where an object is converted into something else, and levitation where an object seems to rise, defying gravity. There are many other styles, some of which are regularly performed on TV by well known magicians.

In its simplest form, there cannot be many children who have not received a box of magic tricks at sometime during their childhood, and this can often be the start of a life long fascination with the subject.

The main purpose of performing magic is to entertain an audience who know their eyes have been deceived by a piece of trickery, yet they are still amused and have a feeling of wonder at the feat being performed. Magicians are not supposed to reveal their secrets to an audience, only to a person learning how to perform that particular stunt.

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