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Shops Selling Sledges and Toboggans

Whilst the cold weather inevitably brings discomfort and complications to some, here at Toy Shop UK, sledging is our favourite winter activity so you'll never find us moaning about the snow! Whether you're looking for a luxury wooden sledge or just a cheap plastic one, there's plenty of different models to choose from.

Some of the retailers can also provide safety items like crash helmets and elbow guards. Others even stock very specialist products that are suitable for babies or for children with disabilities. We won't bore you too much with the technical differences between sledges, toboggans and bobsleds, but when you're doing your product research do be aware that there are some subtle differences.

For example, if you're looking for a model with brakes or one with a steering wheel, strictly speaking you're probably looking for a bobsled. If you find yourself looking for a flat-bottomed sledge rather than one with tracks, you're more than likely looking for a toboggan!

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