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Major Toy Categories

Although many of the toy shops that you find on the High Street offer a broad selection of toys from popular brand manufacturers, if you're looking for something a bit more specialist you often need to delve a bit deeper to find the niche toys that you're after. This selection of specialist toy categories is designed to help you in that search. Our database of specialist toy shops is constantly growing, so don't forget to bookmark this page and check back regularly!

3D Printing Icon
3D Printing

As the price of machines gets lower, the days of 3D printing your own toys at home are becoming a reality.

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Action Figures Icon
Action Figures

Action figures staple favourites include superheroes, monsters and robots.

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App Toys Icon
App Toys

App Toys are either those controlled by apps or those inspired by apps.

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Arts & Crafts Icon
Arts & Crafts

Children's imaginations soar with the finest in creative toys.

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Baby & Toddler Icon
Baby & Toddler

Encourage social development with toys for babies and toddlers.

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Bikes & Rides Icon
Bikes & Rides

Kids explore on two or four wheels with toys like bikes, scooters and go-karts.

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Cars & Vehicles Icon
Cars & Vehicles

Buy toy cars, trains and boats as well as buses, diggers and other vehicles.

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Character Icon

Character toys are popular as TV series and films attract spin-off products.

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Climbing Frames Icon
Climbing Frames

Climbing frame shops sell toys that provide durability, strength and quality.

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Collectable Icon

Toys stored in your attic may be valuable and collectable products.

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Construction Icon

Toys sold by shops in this category help kids to build almost anything.

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Dolls Icon

Dolls delight children with their ability to inspire a world of possibilities.

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Dressing Up Icon
Dressing Up

Fancy dress costumes are great for kids who can let their imaginations run wild.

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Drones Icon

No toy category has developed as much in recent years as the Quadcopter category.

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Eco Icon

These toy retailers all have earth-friendly and ethical polices in place.

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Educational Icon

A constant flow of new toys that are good for your child’s development.

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Electronic Icon

Shop for kids tablets, animatronic pets and many other electronic toys.

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Figures Icon

Look for knights, princesses, farmyard animals or toy soldiers here.

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Furniture Icon

A child's bedroom can have matching cupboards, wardrobes and beds.

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Games Icon

Children's games stimulate the mind and encourage competetiveness.

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Gifts & Gadgets Icon
Gifts & Gadgets

Gadget shops stock items that are fun, amusing or just downright quirky!

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Jigsaw Puzzles Icon
Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to stimulate your child's dexterity skills.

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Jokes Icon

Retailers peddling bawdiness and tricks sums up the nations joke shops!

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Manufacturers Icon

British toy manufacturers continue to develop many new products.

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Models Icon

The fun of building a toy model is hard to replicate with any other type of toy.

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Multicultural Icon

The companies listed here all champion multicultural toys and gifts.

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Musical Icon

Find traditional toy xylophones, recorders and electronic drum kits here.

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Nursery Icon

Find shops selling great nursery brands like Mamas & Papas and Silver Cross.

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Outdoor Icon

Outdoor toys and games are the perfect way to keep your kids fit and active.

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Party Icon

No kid's party is complete without all the decorations and partyware to go with it.

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Personalised Icon

Personalisation is catered for with many different toys and gifts.

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Pocket Money Icon
Pocket Money

Toy shops have large sections devoted to low-value pocket money toys.

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PR Agencies Icon
PR Agencies

PR agencies combine innovation and clarity to their clients.

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Radio Controlled Icon
Radio Controlled

Helicopters and animatronic robots are a few of the RC toys in the shops.

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Role Play Icon
Role Play

Budding mechanics, chefs or doctors love the great choice of role play toys.

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Science Icon

Find gyroscopes and chemistry sets at toy shops science departments.

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Second Hand Icon
Second Hand

it's clear that there’s a strong market for good, pre-owned toys.

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Sledges Icon

Don't delay in finding the perfect sledge and toboggan retailers here.

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Soft Icon

Find traditional stuffed animals and plush toys fitted with electronics here.

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Special Needs Icon
Special Needs

Shops stock toys designed specifically for children with special needs.

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Tablets Icon

The biggest growth area of children’s electronic toys is in tablets.

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Trampolines Icon

Trampolining is great fun and offers kids a huge number of health benefits.

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Vintage Icon

Look out for vintage Triang cars, Mobo rocking horses or Pelham puppets.

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Wholesalers Icon

These companies supply toys or games in bulk for onward shop sales.

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Wooden Icon

Many retailers specialise in nothing other than toys made from wood.

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