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Musical Toys and Instruments

Musical toys donít just consist of xylophones any more. There is a wide and varied selection of junior instruments that are designed to not only provide hours of amusement and fun, but also help to stimulate the creative juices within every child. A wide range of CDs and other audio products are also available, many of them featuring favourite songs, as well as nursery rhymes and stories.

The thought of hearing the drum-kit start banging at 7am every morning can sometimes put parents off buying these noisy products. However, research shows that kids that are exposed to music from a young age have a greater ability in later life to think and learn. Babies in particular love anything that makes a noise, and as they begin to realise that it's them who's responsible for creating the noise then they start to love it even more!

As well as developing coordination and dexterity, music and musical toys help stimulate young minds and encourage an interest in music. Most good toy shops have musical sections that sell simple items like babyís first rattle to toy guitars and harmonicas for older children.

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