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Children's Toy Xylophones

A xylophone is the quintessential children's musical instrument and is often used in primary and secondary schools to help kids develop their musical abilities. Their tactile nature means they are a particularly popular first instrument for babies and toddlers. With bright colours, interesting sounds and instant feedback, they're great for developing hand-eye coordination and encouraging a musical ear.

Although they can be found in a huge range of shapes, materials and colours, some of the best children's xylophones come from specialist wooden toy distributors like Plan Toys and Ecoboo. Often they are made from a sustainable wood such as bamboo, and can also be found as pull-along versions. For even greater appeal, some toy companies make models that are designed in the shape of an animal, whilst some electronic versions even have additional light and sound effects that kick in whenever when the notes are played.

When buying toy xylophones, it's worth paying attention to the scale that the instrument is set to. Some may have very low ranges whilst others may be able to play full scales. Some may even come with supporting sheet music which can really help children get started with their musical career without having to buy additional products.

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