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Children's Toy Trumpets

As one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, trumpets are a popular choice for a child's first instrument. Very basic models are little more than glorified kazoos or vuvuzelas. All they need is some air to be blown down the mouthpiece and a wonderful noise comes out the other end!

As children progress, they can then move onto toy trumpets that have buttons allowing them to change the pitch and to play different notes. There are numerous styles available. Companies like Tolo Toys make a colourful and chunky trumpet designed for toddlers, whereas wooden toy manufacturers like Voila make eco-friendly wooden versions that are stained with natural, non-toxic dyes.

These popular musical instruments provide a perfect bridge between simple, single-note trumpets like the kind you often get in party bags, and the more sophisticated brass instruments like trombones or euphoniums. Whatever model you choose, good independent toy shops throughout the UK often have a great selection.

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