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Children's Toy Accordions

Bontempi are acknowledged to be one of the top makers of childrenís musical instruments, and their accordion range is one of the best. The bellows are hand operated by the musician to produce the air thatís required to pass over the reeds once the buttons or piano keys have been pressed in the correct order. Sometimes known as a Ďone man bandí because no other instruments are required to accompany it, these toys are as much fun as the larger and more expensive adult counterparts.

Schylling, Hohner and Tobar all make various sizes of toy accordions, and in order to make them look as realistic as possible, nearly all of them are finished in red or a deep reddish brown like the adult ones. Kids love to make music, and with a little practise they soon learn how to operate the instruments with each hand performing a different operation. Occasionally a kidís favourite TV character will be used to endorse the toy.

Having its origins firmly fixed in classical folk music, the first examples of accordions were believed to have been made in Germany in the early 1800ís. Accomplished players may have several different models to make different sounds or keys, although childrenís toy accordions all sound much the same as each other.

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