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Karaoke Machines for Kids

Popularly thought to have originated in Japan in the early 1970s, karaoke machines are a highly fashionable forms of entertainment where people can sing along to current pop or rock songs and compete for the best performance. Childrens models are scaled down versions of the adult counterparts, and all thatís usually required is to plug the video source into a TV to display the words to be sung.

Many of these junior karaoke machines have features like flashing lights and bright colours for the microphones and stands, and companies such as Leapfrog incorporate several other play features like games for really young kids. Other aspects can include extra sound effects and mixing controls as well as auxiliary outputs for extra connections. Some versions feature famous singers like Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana which appeals to all the little girls.

Not all childrenís karaoke machines need a video source. Keyboards with built in backing tracks are just as effective, and kids love singing along to their favourite tunes. These keyboards can also be programmed to play other instrument sounds such as a violin, trumpet or guitar. For the ultimate karaoke experience, children should try out karaoke software that's available from a wide variety of online sources.

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