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Chidren's Toy Recorders

As one of the all-time classic toy instruments for children, recorders provide the perfect bridge between simple party whistles and more complex instruments such as violins or saxophones. Many adults can remember being encouraged to play the recorder by their parents or school, and recorder players still feature strongly in the line-up of plays and Christmas concerts all over the country.

Whilst it may not be easy to create world-class sounds with a simple plastic recorder, it is possible to learn basic tunes within a relatively short space of time. These models offer a great way to give a confidence boost to toddlers or slightly older kids that are just getting started in their musical careers!

Many toy recorders will come with sheet music that introduces the child to the basic scales and some simple songs. They usually start out with a simple visual key that shows children which hole to cover up to make the required note. As the child's skills improve they can move onto 'grown-up' sheet music that requires them to have a firm grasp of reading music.

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