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Children's Vuvuzelas

The first time most people in the UK were introduced to the sound of a vuvuzela was during the 2010 football World Cup held in South Africa. Football fans either enthused about their exuberant sounds or cursed them for their monotony! Not surprisingly, these loud and colourful instruments were an instant hit with kids, and many children wanted their own toy vuvuzela to help cheer on their team.

Ringtones, iPhone apps and various other spin-offs all followed, and "vuvuzela" is now part of our vocabulary. As well as the issue of repetition and distracting noises, vuvuzelas have been criticised for their harmful noise levels with many people arguing that there should be an outright ban on them. With this in mind, it's important  to check before purchasing whether the vuvuzelas you are looking to buy for your toddler or older child will be suitable.

As their design is so simple, you may struggle to find "toy" versions in the same way you might find a toy trumpet. Nevertheless, with popular children's cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb having featured vuvuzelas in some episodes, this musical instrument looks set to be popular with children for some time to come.

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