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Little Princess Toys

Based on the books by Tony Ross, Little Princess (no relation to The Little Prince) is a charming children's animated series that first aired in 2006. Various Little Princess toys, clothing and lunchwear have been released since the first series launched, although in December 2010 it was announced that Zodiak Rights were taking over the broadcast, licensing and merchandising rights for the entire Little Princess brand.

With her shiny gold crown and ever-present favourite toy called Gilbert, Little Princess converts brilliantly into all kinds of toys. As well as dressing up costumes, bedding and soft beanies, fans of the show have been keen to deck themselves out in all manner of complementary branded items. You can even buy backpacks, playhouses and an inflatable throne!

One of our favourite Little Princess toys is the Fuzzy Felt kit shown in the image above. Fans of creative toys can also get their hands on Little Princess stencil sets and sparkly sticker packs! With famous celebrities such as Julian Clary and Brian Blessed keen to associate themselves with the program, it looks as there could be more and more Little Princess toys released as the years go on!

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