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Minions Toys

No one can fail to laugh at the antics of the Minions! Theses weird little yellow characters that were born out of a single celled organism were the undoubted stars of the first two movies of Despicable Me. So successful in fact, they even got their own film simply called Minions.

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Stuart, Kevin and Bob join forces in a prequel to the previous movies as they tour the globe looking for a master to control them. With hundreds of toy, greeting and gift suppliers clamouring for licences to make Minions products, thereís no doubt that the world could be swamped by the little yellow perils! You can keep track of all new releases on the Minions Toys Blog.

Plush toys and vinyl figures are amongst the favourite purchases, with talking and laughing versions also flying off the retailerís shelves. Almost any kidís product is endorsed by the Minions, with jigsaws, watches, keyrings, school bags and face masks being really popular. Watch out for greetings cards, breakfast sets and even duvet covers and wallpaper all covered in a sea of yellow!

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