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Well known as a company that makes highly innovative and trendy toys, Recreation (or more accurately “re:creation”) makes products that fit well into modern lifestyles and the constant appetite from consumers for something fresh and new. Recreation toys cover many plaything categories including youth electronics, outdoor and ride-on toys as well as gifts.

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Recreation has a knack of making toys that are different – and sometimes even a little unexpected! As distributors in the UK for the amazing Razor series of pedal, electric and ride-on toys, the names of individual models conjure up images of action and excitement – RipRider 360, FlashRider 360 and the multi-award winning Crazy Cart, not missing out the Razor Electrics range – which has been an electrifying success throughout its life span!

As the sole distributor for the LEGO Lights category in the UK, Recreation boasts an exciting line up across a range of LEGO themes including Star Wars, DC Superheroes, Ninjago, Friends, Classic, Dimensions and many more. The quirky lights make great presents for all ages as they are really easy to use and functional. Everyone needs a handy LEGO light to guide their way.

Recreation’s ever expanding Snuggables range is incredibly popular with softly glowing Bright Light Pillows, perfect for bedrooms, sleepover fun and more, to the cute and collectable Zigamazoos with their infectious giggle – the Snuggables fun is never-ending.

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