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Timmy Time Toys

Created by the legendary Aardman Animations (who are also responsible for classic characters like Morph, Wallace and Gromit and Angry Kid), Timmy Time has been a runaway success since it first appeared on our screens in April 2009.  Timmy is the cousin of Shaun The Sheep - and much like this popular animation, episodes are just ten minutes long and contain no dialogue.

Timmy is a mischievous little character and always getting himself into some kind of trouble. He's at his best when he's the centre of  attention – and this makes him the perfect character to adapt into all kinds of Timmy Time toys. As well as the obligatory soft toys, you should have no problem hunting down picture books, playhouses,  jigsaws and playsets.

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Vivid Imaginations was the company that Aardman chose to produce the first phase of Timmy Time toys – and their Night Night Timmy soft toy and the Sing and Dance Timmy toy were among the most popular.

At the London Toy Fair, Vivid announced a number of new products that were designed to tie in with the 3rd series of this superb animation. The Lulla-Baah Timmy was the showcase toy in this range, although we were also impressed with the Picnic Timmy and Timmy Giggle Belly toys.

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