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Benefits of Joining Toy Shop UK

All retail shop and/or retail website listings on Toy Shop UK are, and always will be, totally free of charge. There are no hidden obligations and we are confident that you will find a listing on this directory to be nothing but beneficial.

The following chart shows what features are available to different types of listers.

Chart showing the various features available to different types of listers

In summary:

Medium listing
This enables shops without a website to benefit from an online presence.

Enhanced listing
This is designed for shops that have websites and want to dramatically increase the number of website visitors they get and the number of sales they make.

We recommend that you allow yourself at least 20-minutes to write the most thorough description of your shop that you can. The more detail you provide, the more likely that your listing will be approved.

Please note that we do not allow descriptions to be copied from your own website or other marketing materials. You must write your unique description directly into our submission form.