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Collecting has always been a huge hobby, not just for children but adults as well. Whether it's sea shells, cards, books, china or toys, collectable items have always fascinated and intrigued people, who are sometimes desperate to obtain the last few rare items to complete their sets. Manufacturers are well aware of this phenomenon, and many ranges of toys are introduced with this specific trait in mind.

TY Beanie Babies are a great modern example. A few of these small soft toys were introduced on a website, and after sales of only a few hundred they were retired from sale. The next batch was snapped up by eager toy collectors, and the ball was well and truly rolling! It has also been well documented that Star Wars figures manufactured in the 70s and 80s have been amongst the most collectable toys ever, fetching enormous prices at auctions.

These toys can however, be classified as anything that somebody wants to amass because they are antique, vintage or even retro. As time passes, some examples will deteriorate and thus increase the value of the remaining ones. Somebody somewhere, will always want to collect a specific toy, and attics are the best place to start looking!

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