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Shopkins Toys

Shopkins toys from US based company Moose Toys is a collection of highly collectable, miniature characters and accessories. Each of the figures has their own name, interest and personality, although parts can be swapped around to create a truly individual character.

With a vast selection of Shopkins sets to choose from, the shopping world accessories feature fruit and vegetables, toiletries, bakery products and frozen food. Larger themed sets include a bakery stand, supermarket and a boutique playset.

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Children that enter the Shopkins world can let their imaginations run riot as they dream up new scenarios and ways of playing with all the figures and accessories. A constant supply of new Shopkins dollies are released into the shops every year and kids clamour to get their hands on all the new varieties.

All the characters have some of the quirkiest names around, with Handbag Harriet, Macca Roon, Secret Sally and Penny Pencil being some of the favourites!

Fans were thrilled when the larger Shoppies dolls were added to the collections. Featuring the favourite characters from the Shopkins range, the larger size gave them even greater personalities and options for shopping!

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