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Trends UK Toys

Since 2002, Oxfordshire-based Trends UK has established itself as the country’s number one scientific toy company. Perhaps best known for their range under the Discovery Channel brand, the company has a great reputation for creating experimental science toys with an educational slant.

Trends UK's toys cover many areas of scientific interest - from night vision goggles to bug viewing galleries, chemistry sets and air-powered vehicles. It has also offered many award-winning robotic toys and represents the Canadian-based company WowWee on hi-tech products like Robosapien X, Roboraptor and MiP.

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Although science and nature toys are a big part of Trends UK's offering, the company has recently expanded and now offers a diverse range of arts & crafts products and customisable fashion accessories, with both Glitza and Color Me Mine.

The company has also won awards for its range of Haynes licensed engine kits, which includes the Internal Combustion Engine, V8 and V Twin Motorcycle. Trends UK has also enjoyed great success with its licensed offering for the ever popular Disney Princess, and the hugely successful Disney film, Frozen.

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