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Ravensburger Games

Ravensburger has to be one of the more austere toy and game companies around, but despite their rather dry and conservative branding, the company makes some terrific products that many people will have used without even knowing it!

There are over 850 Ravensburger games available at any one time - and the company also has a children's book publishing arm called FX Schmid. There is even an 'Alea' brand which sells many of Ravensburger's more challenging games that are geared towards to the serious, adult game player.

Popular Ravensburger games include Dingbats, Take It Easy and Top Secret Spies. They also sell a large and eclectic range of jigsaws - and even hold a Guinness World Record for producing world's largest jigsaw puzzle! This was assembled by 15,000 enthusiasts in the southern German town of Ravensburg and consisted of over a million pieces!

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Children are most like to have heard of Ravensburger for their very popular Puzzleballs. These 3D globes come in a wide variety of complexities - and can be purchased with dozens of different designs featuring popular TV characters such as Winnie The Pooh, High School Musical and Doctor Who.

In January 2015 the company purchased the famous Swedish wooden train maker BRIO. The move was intended to strengthen Ravensburger's ranges throughout their world network of toy distributors. Apart from the popular train system, BRIO also manufacure baby toys including play balls, soft puzzles and cot mobiles.

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