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Top Gear Toys

Loved and loathed in equal quantities, there’s no doubt that BBC’s Top Gear is one of the Beeb's most popular shows. Although having strayed a long way from its original brief of testing popular family cars and the occasional Ferrari, the show manages to inject some much needed humour and action into a previously tedious format.

Top Gear toys, DVDs, books and board games are just a small part of the licensed offerings available for this show. Mondo Motors have some detailed Top Gear cars and playsets in the popular 1/18th and 1/64th scales, as well as radio controlled versions in the huge 1/14th scale. Oxford die-cast have been charged with creating two of the shows most iconic vehicles - the Nissank and Dampervan with which the three presenters attempted to cross the English Channel.

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Top Gear K'Nex toys hit consumers in 2011 when the distribution rights were handled by toy manufacturer Tomy. They introduced some stunning race cars, playsets and some ludicrous accessory paraphernalia to bring the spirit of the show alive!

Minichamp die-cast Top Gear car models complete with Stig figures, Top Trumps card game sets, jigsaw puzzles, Scalextric racetrack sets and even calendars and diaries have all had the Top Gear treatment.

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