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Dora The Explorer Toys

As an incredibly popular animated TV series, the resulting Dora the Explorer toys have fired the imagination of young children everywhere. They love to pretend to be Dora, exploring different places and interacting with all her friends in such a positive way. Dora the Explorer doesn’t get angry, is always trying to help people achieve their goals, plays sport and also teaches Spanish – what a great role model for kids to see when surrounded by other less peaceful shows.

Dora the Explorer toys cover so many different products, as well as licensed kids bedding and furniture. In fact, a child's whole bedroom could be decorated with Dora the Explorer merchandise! Dora and her friends’ toy figures are some of the most popular toys, but also there are some terrific music mats, dolls houses, torches, activity cases and even a bath time floating island. Dora had a 'tweenage' makeover to make her even more appealing to her legions of fans. This refreshed character features in more Dora the Explorer toys, games, dolls and ride-on toys, as well as a huge selction of DVDs, cosmetics, handbags and many more gifts. 

Party time is great for Dora the Explorer fans too – Mums can buy banners, tablecloth, plates, cups and lots of different party favours to make the celebration go with a swing! Lots of retailers, both traditional and online, have big sections just devoted to Dora the Explorer toys, so take at look at some of the shops listed here to get an idea of the massive ranges available.

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