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TY Beanie Babies

TY must surely be best known as the manufacturers of the phenomenally successful soft toy Beanie Babies which were first released onto an unsuspecting world in 1993. TY were one of the first companies to use the power of the internet to announce new products, and more importantly to announce retirements. This unique marketing strategy made the TY products instantly collectable, which is exactly what happened in the following ten years.

Lofts all over the world are creaking under the weight of boxes of TY Beanie Babies that were collected in the nineties. Only a handful of them are worth more than the original purchase price, but a select few can still command thousands of pounds at specialist auctions. For UK collectors, the Britannia Bear was the most sought after, and many were sold to collectors in the USA who were prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for this UK exclusive product.

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TY produce more than just Beanie Babies however, and TY soft toys are known globally as some of the best in the world. They have produced countless ranges of animals in different colours, fabrics and styles, and even some trendy dolls in different outfits. New versions of the TY Beanie Babies are still released every month, and there are many magazines and books devoted to the many variations that keep the collectors interested.

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