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Spider-Man Toys

Spider-Man toys are among some of the most popular licensed toy ranges ever, all thanks to three feature films, a cartoon TV series and regular appearances in childrenís comics. The character's amazing powers and climbing skills have helped fire childrenís imaginations to recreate their hero.

The high quality toy figures are incredibly detailed and realistic - and added to numerous vehicles, web shooters, dressing up-outfits, helmets, masks, inflatable chairs and video games, itís easy to see why he is still so popular amongst boys and girls of all ages.

The cartoon series extends the appeal of the hero to a younger audience. Whilst not strictly classed as Spider-Man toys, highly detailed and expensive limited edition resin figurines of Spidey and his enemies are on sale for serious collectors.

A film called The Amazing Spider-Man hit the big screen in July 2012, with a raft of new actors and actresses taking the lead roles. Peter Parker's character was rebooted back to his school days, and the story begins with his development of the extraordinary Spider-Man skills. Manufacturers were tripping themselves up in an effort to be the first to market with a whole raft of new toys.

2014 saw the second instalment of this new series of Spider-Man movies hit cinema screens all over the world. Titled The Amazing Spider-Man 2, new villains and a complex story line had fans queuing up around the block to get the best seats in the house. Once again, new toys, models and collectables hit the market, with many stores reporting huge sales figures.

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