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The Simpsons Toys

Conceived by Matt Groening and first aired in 1989, The Simpsons has received praise and criticism in equal measure. Whilst some believe that the main characters are bad role models, others argue that The Simpsons is not only great entertainment, but that it also provides an intelligent look into the issues that are faced by modern society.

Either way, the TV sitcom (and feature film) have inspired an incredible selection of spin-off merchandise, with literally hundreds of Simpsons toys and games available to buy. "Simpsons Monopoly" has proved to be particularly popular, although the Simpsons brand has also been successfully incorporated into literally dozens of other classic games such as Scrabble, Operation, The Game of Life and Top Trumps.

There are almost too many Simpsons toys to keep track of - as every new season seems to bring new licensing opportunities. In addition to the action figures, soft toys and board games - Simpsons products also include badges, mugs, t-shirts and even a talking pizza cutter! To keep track of all the Simpsons toys and games available, visit the shops below that are all major Simpsons retailers.

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