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Toy Story Toys

Toy Story, the fantastic animated Disney Pixar film that first took the world by storm in 1995, was one of the first films to incorporate some pre-existing toys into the plot. The undisputed favourite Toy Story toys of Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody are joined in the film by Mr Potato Head and Slinky Dog as well as Barbie and G.I.Joe.

Toys Story toys have sold in their millions all over the world, but none more popular than the talking Buzz Lightyear, whose classic phrase "To infinity and beyond" has become widely recognisable in households everywhere. Toy Story 2, released in 1999, was a continuation of the story line, with another major character called Jessie the cowgirl being introduced. Her character as a Toy Story toy was one of the best selling items that Christmas, and introduced a female into the story to appeal more to girls.

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With both films re-released in a 3D format in 2009 and Toy Story 3 released in July 2010, fans now have even more Toy Story toys to choose from. Advances in technology continue to ensure that not only are the new Toy Story toys better than ever, but the film is also the best of them all too!

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