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Doctor Who Toys and Figures

First aired in 1963, the cult TV series Doctor Who is the world's longest running science fiction show. Re-launched in 2005 after a gap of 15 years, the latest series has managed to add generations of younger children to its legion of fans - and it's these children who are the main recipients of the hundreds of Doctor Who toys and figures that fill the shelves of toy shops all over the land. Daleks and Cybermen are just two of the many opponents that The Doctor has to fight on his travels around the universe, but kids can buy all of his allies and enemies in some very realistic Doctor Who figurines.

One of the most popular Doctor Who toys has been the TARDIS, the famous blue police box that is bigger inside than out, and transports him and his companions to all the amazing places he visits! Other Doctor Who characters that have been given the toy treatment include his companions, K9 and Bo, and various voice-changing helmets for kids to recreate their favourite character. There is much debate about the greatest Doctor amongst aficionados of the series, but with regeneration taking place every two or three years, the best may be yet to come!

Character Options launched the ultimate figure set containing replica models of all 11 Doctors that have played the part in this famous BBC TV series. Collectors around the world all wanted their own set, and many of them purchased two so that they can keep one unopened for future generations of fans. Others own several different versions of the Doctor's famous Sonic Screwdriver. Each new one has subtle differences from the previous model, and some older ones can now command high prices in the secondhand market.

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