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Jolly Octopus

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Designed specially for UK consumers, the superb games manufacturer, Ravensburger  launched a wildly funny game called Jolly Octopus. Toy Fair gave the game a vote of confidence in January 2010 by awarding it the title of "Best New Game".

Jolly Octopus features a bright green octopus with spinning tentacles. The aim of the game is for each player to remove their coloured crabs in the quickest possible time using just a pair of yellow tongs.

Sounds easy right? Well, not only are the arms of the octopus spinning all over the place (making your life very hard indeed!) but if you happen to accidently touch the arms of the octopus with your tongs, then he will stop spinning and start giggling. The game has a couple of different play settings - so as you get better, the game becomes harder.

The Jolly Octopus Game from Ravensburger

Jolly Octopus is very reminiscent of classic games like Buckaroo and Operation - but we think Ravensburger have given this concept a nice twist and we're sure that kids of all ages will love playing it.

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4.75 />

* * * * * Jolly

Comment by Sophie, 2nd November 2010

Fantastic game! We have all played it together and I beat my brothers every time! Even my Dad can't resist playing. And the laugh makes us all feel giggly.

* * * * - Addictive

Comment by Michael, 28th October 2010

I agree with the other two posters. This is nearly as fun as the classic Hungry Hippos. It's definitely a game that anyone can get involved with - my 5 year old twins absolutely love it!

* * * * * Jolly Good

Comment by Chris Pyatt, 13th July 2010

I'm 33 years old and can't get enough of the Jolly Octopus!

* * * * * Amazing!

Comment by James Mccann, 12th July 2010

I am 22 years old, but absolutely love this game!