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Children's Toy Keyboards

Ever since the invention of the Stylophone in the mid 1960s, kids have been fascinated by the huge number of sounds that can be created by electronic keyboards. Even very young children can be introduced to a keyboard, with toy companies like Little Tikes or Vtech making some really interesting models that incorporate musical keyboards into the mix of games, flashing lights or other sounds. Child-friendly colours like red and blue, or pink for the girls are used to make these musical instruments even more appealing.

Bontempi however, are one of the main makers of children’s toy keyboards. Some of their products are presented as simple pianos, others as sophisticated electronic keyboards or organs that can produce amazing sounds for a fraction of the price of the professional versions. The addition of a toy microphone on some models means that children can sing along as they play their favourite tunes.

There’s no doubt that by introducing kids to musical instruments at a young age, they will often keep that interest for life. A great start can be made with a kids piano keyboard, no matter how simple. By learning a few notes to begin with on a small toy keyboard, they will soon be more interested in an electronic version with which they can also add other sounds and backing tracks.

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