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Air Storm Toys

Developed in the US by Zing Toys, the Air Storm brand of soft projectile launchers is distributed in the UK by re:creation. Proudly boasting that “nothing goes further”, the amazing Z Curve Launcher can shoot its suction cup arrows up to 40 metres outdoors! Manufactured in highly distinctive black and orange colours, the whole Air Storm range is action packed with impressive features.

Kids (and adults) preferring the crossbow design are seriously impressed by the performance of the Air Storm Z-X Cross Fire. Easy to load and fire with the safety tip darts, this highly effective toy blows the competition out of the water with its stunning range and accuracy. Perfect for use in large parks, fields or on long sandy beaches, these outdoor toys also provide kids with much needed exercise and fun.

Slightly smaller than the Launcher or Crossbow is the Zing Shot. This Air Storm version of a catapult is highly effective at projecting the soft ball shaped missiles huge distances. Kids are sure to want extra supplies of ammunition, so re:creation conveniently supplies Z-Ammo soft arrows, darts and Blazex refills in packs of smaller quantities, representing excellent value for money.

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