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Aqua Beads

As one of several similar products, Aqua Beads toys are a great way for girls (and sometimes boys) to create wonderful designs that are so easy to make. The various coloured beads can be laid on a template, and once in position, just sprayed lightly with water. The surfaces of the beads then become adhesive and stick permanently together. When the Aqua Beads toys are dry, they can simply be lifted from the template as a complete picture, design or random work of art!

There are lots of different Aqua Beads toy sets available, with a large range of price points to suit all budgets. Extra refill packs of Aqua beads can be bought separately to make even grander designs. There are various themed Aqua Beads toy sets that can be made into decorated flowers, clocks, stars and even compacts.

Once the first set has been completed, the children have often had such fun that they pester their parents for more of these versatile Aqua Beads toys. In a way they are similar to Hama Beads sets, except those are sealed by heat rather than water. Most young children love being creative, and Aqua Beads toys are an ideal product to help them fulfil this desire.

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