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The Avatar movie broke so many film records in terms of people viewing and box office takings that it’s no surprise that 20th Century Fox announced two sequels that are scheduled for release in December 2014 and December 2015. This news has created huge interest from toy companies that were not involved in merchandise the first time around and which will add to the large selection of Mattel Avatar toys that have sold so well since the film was released in December 2009.

Puzzle maker Ravensburger supplies a series of Avatar jigsaws and games, whilst giant dressing up company Rubies make a collection of role play costumes and accessories based on all the popular characters. Carl Lumbard, SVP and MD of Fox Consumer Products Europe said: "We are working hard to extend James Cameron's cinematic vision into a broad line of products that will engage fans in the world of Avatar through our licensing partnerships and product development process."

In addition to a wide range of Avatar toys, customers can also buy more video games, books and clothing as well as room decorations, bedding and lamps. Whilst there’s no details of plots for the new films, fans can expect to see more of Corporal Jake Sulley, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Dr. Grace Augustine as well as Neytiri, Mo’at and Eytukan, plus many more of the original characters. Both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are being filmed concurrently to save on the enormous production costs.

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