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Chad Valley Toys

With a chequered history that goes back to the company’s formation in the early 19th century, Chad Valley was a popular brand of toys for very many years. After losing its direction on the 1970s following factory closures, the name was bought by Woolworths until their demise in 2008. Since then it has been exclusively owned by the Home Retail Group (bought for just £5 million) who distribute Chad Valley toys through their Argos stores.

With hundreds of items in the Chad Valley range of toys, Argos has succeeded in making the brand one of the UK’s most popular. It contains everything from expensive bikes and indoor football tables to low-priced games and pocket money toys. It is the third biggest toy brand in the UK.

Covering almost every toy genre including action figures, construction toys, jigsaw puzzles, dolls and outdoor toys, the Chad Valley ranges offer Argos customers a cheaper alternative to some of the popular branded toys that are heavily advertised on TV.

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The original catalogue shop now sells a huge range of toys at great prices.

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