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Engino Toys

Having launched in Germany in 2007, the Engino construction toy company has expanded internationally and now sells its products in most European countries. The initial Engino system was invented by Costas Sisamos and has been expanded to include gear wheels, motors, pulleys and even miniature solar panels.

The Inventor series of construction sets are all aimed at kids of six years and older, whilst the Discovering STEM and Robotics sets are designed for children of eight or over. All Engino sets have the same philosophy of being able to connect the pieces at every angle. The parts use a patented 'snap fit' system that ensures that all sections are rigidly held together.

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Girls arenít forgotten in what can sometimes be perceived as a male dominated construction toy market. Special sets that feature parts in pink, green and blue pastel colours with a hint of glitter are the perfect choice for all budding female engineers. Pre-school kids arenít forgotten either with sets containing chunky cubes and beams for toddlers of eighteen months and over. 

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