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EQD Toys

EQD toys stand for Quality Designs for Education. The company are huge European distributors to the retail and educational markets of wall charts, construction sets, cloth books, musical instruments, wall charts and lots more.

Teachers love the EQD toys and games that cover numeracy, early science, literacy and early language as well as products to help hand-eye co-ordination plus colour and shape recognition. Other EQD toys such as arts & crafts selections all focus on products that children can decorate themselves such as photo frames, shopping bags, trinket boxes and purses. The wooden construction sets cover simple building blocks sets to more complex assembly models that require manual dexterity to correctly position perforated strips to make vehicles and aeroplanes.

More EQD toys great sellers are masks for role play and storytelling, finger puppets representing many different characters and foam blocks for terrific and safe playtime. Cloth toys are another big category with a selection of bags, puzzles, song sets and puppet theatres.

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