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Fimo Toys

As one of the premier children's modelling compounds and toys, Fimo is used by children and adults all over the world to make models, ornaments, jewellery or anything that takes their imagination. The Fimo toys material is known as polymer clay, which can be moulded to almost any shape, and then heated in an oven to complete the hardening process. Once baked it is hard enough to be cut, painted or even drilled to accept chains for jewellery items.

Supplied in blocks of dozens of individual colours, Fimo can be mixed to create an even greater choice of shades. Children have great fun merging different colours to create their individual Fimo toys or objects that can then be used to decorate bedrooms, walls or even furniture. Fimo Soft was introduced to help smaller children mould the material more easily, although its eventual strength does not quite match that of the Fimo Classic version.

Fimo is also used by artists or sculptors to create an idea in miniature before making the real thing, and the whole range can almost always be found in specialist arts & crafts shops, toy shops or from many online sources. Other modelling compounds that could be considered are Sculpey, Plasticine or Play-Doh.

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