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Gazillion Bubbles

Blowing bubbles from a basic bubble tub is one of lifeís simplest pleasures for young children, and chasing after them to try and burst them is even more fun! Gazillion are acknowledged to be one of the world leaders in not only making first class bubble solution, but also some amazing bubble machines and contraptions that take this simple delight to even higher levels.

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Clever tweaks to the composition of Gazillion bubble solution means that their bubbles are stronger and last longer than most others on the market - this enables kids to blow even bigger and more colourful bubbles than ever before. Gazillion bubble machines are easily recognisable in their green and purple/blue colour, and with a variety of clever motorised parts and pumps, some of them can even automatically blow over 5000 small bubbles a minute – fantastic for kids parties!

Bubble pistols, bubble rockets and bubble flyers are just a few more of Gazillionís bubble products, and their selection of licensed bubble toys includes evergreen favourites like Winnie the Pooh and Buzz Lightyear. None of these Gazillion bubble machines or toys will work without extra Gazillion bubble solution that can be bought in a variety of handy sizes for urgent re-filling during a bubble making frenzy!

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