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Kathe Kruse Toys

Kathe Kruse toys are so distinctive that it's virtually impossible to confuse their dolls and soft toys with any other brand. Although the company is particularly well known for their designer dolls, Kathe Kruse also produces musical toys for toddlers - and a luxury selection of comforters for babies. With over 100 years experience making dolls, Kathe Kruse products really are the kind that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Kathe Kruse toys are made with the finest materials, making them simply adorable and highly collectable. The high-quality fabrics and quirky, stylish designs make Kathe Kruse dolls instantly cuddleable - and one of their most popular ranges is even referred to as the "Grabbing Collection".

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Many of Kathe Kruse's dolls are completely machine washable and safe for children of any age. Only natural materials from ecologically sound sources are used, ensuring you can shop in complete confidence from our recommended Kathe Kruse shops below.

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