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Kloo Language Games

KLOO has turned language learning into a game. Using KLOO's unique colour card system, players can rapidly create foreign sentences and learn new words to power racing cars round "Race to Paris” and "Race to Madrid" game boards. KLOO games make learning a language fast, easy and, above all, fun. For parents who want their toys to have an educational aspect, KLOO is the perfect fit.

Available in French and Spanish with other languages planned, there are four decks of cards for each language. With each deck, players are introduced to new words and learn to create thousands of sentences. There is no need to study, work or write - with KLOO learning a language is just fun.

A Kloo Language Board Game

There are in fact 16 games you can play with KLOO cards! These games are based on many of the classic card games we already know and love like Whist and Rummy. The main difference is that players not only have fun but also learn a language naturally and easily. By giving a modern twist to some of the great card games, KLOO brings the joy of playing cards and the educational value of learning a language to a new generation of families.

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