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KSG Crafts

With the official name of Kitfix Swallow Group Ltd, KSG was founded in 1960 and is now based in Norfolk. The company began with just a single product – a wooden dolls house kit – but quickly expanded their offerings into all kinds of art and craft supplies. KSG is now particularly well known for their Sequin Art® kits which are popular throughout the world.

The sequin kits supplied by KSG consist of a polystyrene base, pins, coloured sequins and instructions. A great number of designs are available although we particularly like the lion and parrot sets. Simplified kits are available and come under the Junior Sequin Art® banner. These products ship with easy-to-follow instructions and slightly less intricate designs. Nevertheless, the results still look stunning and provide a great way to get kids into sequin art and possibly other crafts too.

If sequin art isn't your thing, KSG provide various other craft kits including their "Gel Mosaic" pictures and "Painting by Numbers" sets. They also supply a set of undecorated Russian dolls which can then be painted in whatever style you prefer.

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