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Makedo Toys

Probably best known in the UK for their Roloblox wheel kit that turns an ordinary box into a vehicle, Makedo (make do) have created a huge range of products based on using raw materials that are easily obtainable at home. If correctly folded and bent, cardboard can be an incredibly strong and re-usable material as witnessed by Makedo sets that can create a London bus or even a space capsule.

By encouraging kids to use their imagination, Makedo supply the basic parts needed to construct items like a robot, a car or a make believe aeroplane. Larger sets suitable for use in schools or playgroups include a generous supply of clips, lock hinges, pocket punches and safe saws so that a large group of kids can be creating the most fantastic objects and vehicles all at the same time.

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Some of the best-selling Makedo sets are at pocket money prices. The Critters construction series includes subjects such as a penguin, rabbit, chicken, cow or monkey. They supply the basic parts, and the customer supplies the throw-away materials. This is fun in its best form, using materials that are easily and inexpensively available to anyone.

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