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Millhouse Toys

Created in 1980, Millhouse began life supplying British made wooden children’s toys and furniture to the educational sector. In 2010 they started manufacturing some specially designed products for sale direct to consumers, and immediately won a number of awards from parenting organisations and magazines.

Featuring categories like pretend play, creative play and active play, Millhouse toys are all grouped together for easy selection and comparison. Their Zoomster vehicles with multi-castor wheels are sturdy and safe with choices of styles including police car, fire engine, truck and racer. Role play is an important part of a child’s education, and Millhouse replica wooden cookers, sinks and washing machines are engineered and finished to last for generations.

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Every child loves to have their own furniture, and Millhouse toy desks, chairs and tables are not only great to look at, but are superbly functional too. We really love the combination toy box and desk with a race track painted on the lid. Some Millhouse toys can even be personalised with a child’s name painted in a style of your choice.

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