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Modular Construction Toys

First created in Israel in 2008, the owner of Modular Construction Toys had a vision to create a 3D type of raceway construction for his young son. This dream led to the creation of a toy company that exports their range of products to countries all over the world. The uniquely designed modular pieces can be put together in an almost limitless number of ways, thereby creating something different every time.

Modular Construction Toys Track

Whilst the multi-level racetracks were the first items off the production lines, the ranges were extended to include modular castles, cars, trains and even character figures. These include a fireman, astronaut, princess and policeman, all of which can be used to enhance playtime for the bigger modular sets. The vehicle designs include a racing car, school bus and off-road buggy.

Official Modular Construction Toys Logo

Train tracks can be assembled in fascinating combinations, with items like straights, curves, points and bridge sections all featuring different colours. Even the locos, trucks and coaches have to be assembled first. Boys and girls all love being immersed in the worlds of fantasy and intrigue, so the Modular Construction Toys fortresses and palaces provide the perfect way in which to enjoy this type of exciting role play.

Desher Ltd is the current supplier and distributor of Modular Toys, and they are available at a number of independent stores throughout the UK.

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