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Mutant Mania Toys

Yet another hit product range by Moose of Australia is the ugly Mix & Match Wrestlers characters in Mutant Mania. With interchangeable heads, torsos and legs kids can create the most horrible fighting men you’ve ever seen!

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Distributed by Flair in the UK and sold in single, four or eight packs, these toys are perfect for collecting and swapping with friends. The Mutant Mania Mutant Masher vehicle has opening sides and boot and even comes complete with a unique wrestling character. There’s room inside to store dozen of your favourite mashed up characters.

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The Rampage Arena is the ideal playset to challenge your friends to some “Spine Bendin’ Brawlin”! Set up a crowd to cheer on the contestants, and may the best wrestler win! Kids can’t get enough of Mutant mania.

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