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Predasaurs Toys

Predasaurs DNA Fusion dinosaur models like Triassic and Cretaceous sold in huge quantities throughout 2013. After this success, UK supplier The In Thing quickly announced the launch of series two models known as the Insectasaurs. These creepy looking creatures have fantastic designs and colours, each one brandishing a fearsome looking weapon. Bulging green eyes, lobster like claws and the sharpest teeth you’ve ever seen are features that ensure they win the mightiest battles with their arch enemies.

Collections such as Scorpiosuarus, Mantosaurus and Beetlesaurs each have their own leaders and warriors to take on the mighty DNA Predasaurs. Some models are ultra-rare, and kids have to search hard to find characters such as Vulltarex. With most figures sold in blind sealed packs, playground swapping and collectability is a big feature of these impressive toys.

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Each range of Predasaurs has its own collection of battle packs and larger weapons like the formidable catapult set. These awesome munitions may help the Insectasaurs achieve their aim of taking over the island of Predasaurea. Both fighting sides need to watch out though as a third series of enemies is being born!

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