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Rubbabu Toys

Created in 2005, Rubbabu toys are available in over thirty countries around the world with an ever increasing number of distributors wanting to sell this unique and innovative brand of toys. Every one of the Rubbabu toys are made of natural rubber foam thatís covered in a velvety smooth surface. The texture and feel of these toys makes them appealing for very young children who love the squashy feel of the material, as well as the variety of colours and designs.

Many categories of Rubbabu toys include bouncy balls, action racers, trains and cars as well as planes, building blocks and animals on wheels. By encouraging imaginative play, Rubbabu toys offer huge play value and learning possibilities for the young children that are attracted by the bright bold colours and tactile nature of the products.

Rubbabu toys like the school bus shape sorter, small red fire engine or the magnetic numbers set all offer kids a unique opportunity to play with toys that look and feel different to most of their competitors. Proud of their eco friendly products, Rubbabu toys only use rubber foam that is 100% natural and not mixed with any other fillers or substitute materials.

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