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The Saddle Club Toys

Based on the books by the same name and written by Bonnie Bryant, The Saddle Club TV series charts the adventures and lives of three horse mad teenage girls called Stevie Lake, Lisa Atwood and Carole Hanson. They have a series of personal problems in their lives, as well having to find time for their training routines for competitive equestrian competitions. The Saddle Club toys are made by world renowned toy horse model maker Breyer, and distributed in the UK by Treasure Trove.

Little girls are fascinated with anything to do with horses - and The Saddle Club sets like Stevie with her horse Belle, or Lisa with her horse Prancer are great playsets with which to role play scenes from their favourite episodes. Several other Saddle Club toys include horse jumping sets as well as groups of different horses and ponies and a special care centre.

As a continuing series, girls will be thrilled to know that previous episodes of The Saddle Club are available on DVD, and together with the toys, all horse loving girls will be in their element.

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